Important Cartmel Priory document saved

Lancashire Archaeological Society is proud to have been associated with, and made a modest contribution to, the appeal to save the Hulton of Hulton collection of documents, which have now been secured for Lancashire Archives.  Included in the collection was the only known medieval document relating to Cartmel Priory, a very finely executed work featuring an illustration of the Resurrection, dated 1418. A translation of the document was published in Sam Taylor, Cartmel People and Priory (Kendal, Titus Wilson, 1955, p.151), which is given below.

To the devout and prudent Dom William, Prior of the monastery of Cartmel of the holy order of Augustine, Brother John Till, Prior Provincial of the Order of Priest Brethren in the province in England, howbeit unworthy – Greeting, praying for a continued increase of heavenly favour.  The desire of the holy Superior to be freed from his condition of mortal weakness may be more delayed unless he is helped by the effectual operation of heavenly vows and yearnings and by the prayers of the Faithful. In regard to this, the sincerity of your own faith and that of our brethren demands that the spiritual aid of those who he believes to be the servants and friends of God shall be called for by him. And so, because of the devotion which you have to our Order and after due and worthy thought, the Master has ordained that special and universal masses and prayers shall be held for you and publicly offered throughout the Province of England, with fastings and vigils and all other good works, performed by the brethren of the Order.  And these by these presents I grant to you whether in life or in death. Furthermore I desire and ordain that after your death, your soul be commended by the prayers of the Brethren of the whole Province within our Provincial jurisdiction, when your death has been duly reported. Masses shall be offered for the occasion and sermons preached, as has been wont to be done for our departed brethren.  And in confirmation of this permission the seal of my Office is attached in the presence of witnesses.  Given in our Provincial Capital of Northampton, on the Feast of The Assumption in the year of Our Lord 1418″.

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