Formby Footprints: LAS walk, 25 June 2016

The poor lady who left this footprint in the Formby mud some 5000 years or so ago suffered from large bunion on the outside of her right foot, probably caused by years of sitting bare foot and cross-legged on the hard ground, at her work. If she had worn shoes, she would have taken around a size 3.

2016 06 25 13 human, female, with large bunion

Hers were just one of the hundreds of footprints – men, women, red deer, roe deer, aurochs, crane and oyster-catcher – which we were lucky enough to see on a superb day out on 25 June 2016, accompanied by Dr Alison Burns of Manchester University – seen here briefing us before we set out.

2016 06 25 01 Assemby at Victoria Rd car park

The men whose footprints we saw were all six-footers – and would have worn at least a size ten, if they had ever worn shoes

2016 06 25 09 human, male, c.size 10 shoe

For more images, go to Our Photographic Gallery


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