The BJN Edwards Fund

B J N Edwards was the Lancashire County Council’s first County Archaeologist, and the first County Archaeologist to be appointed in the UK, following the 1974 Local Government re-organisation. He was the driving force behind the setting up of our Society and was its first and only President. In 2012, following Ben’s untimely demise, the Society decided to recognise his contribution to the promotion of archaeology in Lancashire by setting up the “BJN Edwards Fund”, from which to offer some small financial assistance to anyone engaged in archaeological research, particularly towards travel costs necessitated by the nature and/or location of the applicant’s project. In order to qualify for assistance from the Fund applicants have to satisfy specified criteria.

If you are a student at the University of Central Lancashire please contact Dr Rick Peterson, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the School of Forensic and Investigative Sciences, UCLAN, to discuss your application first. Applications from UCLan students must be submitted to Dr Petersen, who will forward approved applications to the Society for its decision, which will be final.

Applications from students who are from Lancashire but are not studying at UCLan can be submitted using the on-line form below.

Applications may be submitted at any time but decisions on awards will only be taken twice a year, in June and November. Up to two bursaries will be awarded on each occasion, with a maximum of three awarded each year.


Successful applicants will be required, after they have completed their dissertation or thesis, to provide the Society with a summary of their work, in a form suitable for publication on the Society’s website.

The support from the Lancashire Archaeological Society Ben Edwards Fund must also be formally acknowledged in the applicant’s final dissertation or thesis, and in any subsequent publications.

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