The Society’s Constitution and Data Protection Policy

Revised Constitution and Rules 2009

1. The name of the Society shall be the Lancashire Archaeological Society.

2. The objects of the Society shall be to promote and encourage interest in and the study of archaeology and history with special reference to the County of Lancashire and the surrounding areas.


  • (i) Membership of the Society shall be open to any individual or corporate body interested in furthering the objects and who pays the appropriate annual subscription due in advance at the date of the Annual General Meeting
  • (ii) Membership shall comprise Ordinary members, Family members, Student members, Institutional members and Honorary members. All Ordinary, Student and Institutional members shall have one vote. Each individual in Family membership shall have one vote
  • (iii) Membership subscriptions shall be set from time to time at Annual General Meetings. Honorary members shall be elected for life at Annual General meetings, and shall be exempt from subscription

4. The officers of the Society shall be

  • (i) Chair
  • (ii) Vice – Chair
  • (iii) Minutes Secretary
  • (iv) Programme Secretary
  • (iv) Treasurer

5. The management of the Society and the undertaking of any and all activities in furtherance of the objects shall be vested in a Committee consisting of the Officers together with five Committee members. The Committee shall meet at least three times a year, and a quorum shall comprise five Officers or Committee members. All Officers and Committee members, apart from the President if there is one, shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, and shall be eligible for re-election, except that the Chair shall not serve for more than three consecutive years in any one term of office, after which they will normally serve as Vice-Chair for the term of office of the succeeding Chair. Committee Members or Officers not attending three consecutive Committee meetings without notice shall be deemed to have resigned. Casual vacancies on the Committee may be filled by co­option by the Committee, the period of co-option to last until the next Annual General Meeting.

6. The Society may elect a President, nominated as such in recognition of services to the
Society, and appointed by the Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of the Committee. Such a President shall be an Honorary member, and shall be a full member of the Committee but shall remain in office until his/her death or resignation, or until the Committee recommends otherwise to an Annual General Meeting.

7. The Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting before the end of February to receive Officers’ reports and accounts. Notice thereof specifying business to be transacted shall be sent 14 days beforehand in writing or electronically to all current members.

8. The funds of the Society, from subscription and other sources, shall be applied solely to the objects of the Society, the Society’s financial year shall be the same as the calendar year, and the Society’s accounts shall be examined each year by an independent examiner and certified to the Annual General Meeting.

9. Meetings of the Society shall be held at times and places appointed by the Committee for lectures, reading of papers, presentations and discussions, for members’ evenings, for visiting places of historic and archaeological interest, for social events for members, for General Meetings and for any other purpose relevant to the objects of the Society.

10. No alteration or addition to this Constitution shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting of the Society, notice of such proposed Amendments having been placed in the hands of the Secretary 28 days before that meeting, and sent to Members in accordance with Article 7, or at an Extraordinary General Meeting on the request often voting members, 14 days’ notice of such meeting being sent to all members of the Society in writing or electronically.

11. In the event of the dissolution of the Society, the assets of the Society shall be given to Institutions and Authorities best calculated by a General Meeting to further the aims and objects of the Society

Data Protection Policy

General Data Protection Regulations: Lancashire Archaeological Society (LAS)

Data Controller
The Data Controller is Lancashire Archaeological Society (LAS). Only the Treasurer/Membership Secretary and the Website Manager have been identified as handling data for the Data Controller. They are not Data Processors.

Data Collected
Data is collected from the Members at the point of their annual membership renewal.
– Full postal address, including post code
– email address
– telephone number
– whether paid by cash/cheque/BACS/PayPal

Data Conditions
The data listed above are collected to enable LAS to communicate with its members, generally by email (Mailchimp), informing them of forthcoming events and activities, or other items of archaeological/historical/heritage interest. No data is passed to third parties. Members who opt to complete a standing order, BACS or pay by PayPal do so directly, not via LAS.

Data Security
Data is held on spread sheets on a password-protected lap top in the possession of the Treasurer. Paper data is not stored: membership joining or renewal forms are shredded once the data has been transferred to the spread sheet. Electronic data is only held for as long as necessary, defined generally as being for the current membership year, and for one year after the last membership renewal was due. From time to time members ask for contact details of other members: these are referred to the member concerned and no details released without their permission. In the unlikely event of a data breach which might compromise any individual, financially or otherwise, this would be reported to the Committee and to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Right to be Informed/Right to be Forgotten
Subjects may at any time ask by phone, letter or email, to access their data, ask for it to be corrected, and/or for it to be removed from our files. We will comply within 30 days of such requests. If the request is for removal, the Society will firstly advise the member that, as a result of such action, they will no longer receive any communications from the society and ask for confirmation of their request.

LAS uses Mailchimp for its communication with members. New members’ names and email addresses are added to the Mailchimp list upon joining. Every email contains a link allowing the member to check what data is held (First name, Surname, email address) and change it is they wish – and a link allowing members to unsubscribe. Members who have failed to renew will be removed one year after their last subscription was due, and their records removed from the list.

Social Media
LAS does not have Facebook or other social media accounts.

TVC Ltd website is built on a WordPress platform and is managed by a member of the Committee. This privacy policy/data protection policy is posted to that website.
Members of the public can send a message to the site, or post comments, which are visible to visitors to the site. Members of the public can also opt in to ‘Follow’ the site, in which case they will receive an email every time a new blog is posted. Every email contains a link to ‘unsubscribe’. WordPress websites use ‘cookies’ to aid functionality: for more information on the cookies used by WordPress, click here

This statement and policy will be checked annually by the LAS committee to ensure it is, and remains, current.

LAS Committee: 12 April 2018

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